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Descartes Systesm Includes Aljex and Macropoint Transportation Management Software


Descartes Aljex™
Aljex is a scalable cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) that hosts a sizable network of brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and intermodal users. Our customers can orchestrate millions of freight shipments every year seamlessly.

With a 26-year track record of success, we digitally transform how you connect, collaborate, and automate across your network.

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  • Automated order entry
  • Carrier management
  • Lane pricing
  • Shipment visibility
  • Capacity sourcing
  • EDI messaging
  • Accounting and analytics                                                                                                            

Descartes MacroPoint™

MacroPoint is a global freight visibility platform and carrier capacity network for logistics-intensive businesses. This visibility platform is designed to help freight brokers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) and shippers gain better visibility of their freight operations, shipments and source capacity.

Carriers can easily connect with the solution via GPS-based electronic logging devices (ELD), transportation management systems (TMS), or mobile app-based tracking methods.   

Our real-time data​ allows you to view, analyze, predict, and communicate the status of any shipment in real time using multimodal visibility, predictive analytics, and an automated communication platform enabling “Manage by Exception” capabilities.

Book a demo today to see what MacroPoint can do for you, or take a look at our G2 page to see what our customers are saying about us!

  • Real-time visibility
  • Capacity sourcing
  • Workflow automation
  • Temperature tracking
  • Tender automation
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • Dock appointment scheduling
  • Advanced ocean visibility