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Make more profit per mile, driving where you want and no more than you want

efRouting is the solution to make more profit per mile, cut deadhead miles, and enable more days at home for drivers.
Find in our platform the best lanes or complete routes (origin-to-origin) of the market with the loads powered by Truckstop! 

Get the 2X1 deal!


Be the best-equipped carrier on the road!
Empower your operation with the technology of efRouting and loads from Truckstop without paying more***

What does efRouting do?
We improve truckers’ profit to be in the top 25% of the market, enable more days at home, and cut emissions.

2X1 deal:           
Get a Pro Truckstop license ($159) and efRouting Pro ($120) for only $159/month through this efRouting
Link:  https://partners.truckstop.com/e1uio5lo7njh.
Truckstop loads are available in efRouting, and you'll also have access to the Truckstop platform. 
Month 1: You pay $159* for a 1-year fee to efRouting. You get the first month of Truckstop Pro for free
Month 2 to 12: efRouting is free. You pay $159** to Truckstop

*efRouting 1-year fee is non-refundable
**You can cancel Truckstop Pro anytime through Truckstop. If canceled you can still keep the efRouting Pro license
***Limited time offer. The program expires at the discretion of efRouting 

Our proprietary technology is the key!
Our technology analyzes the trucking market and operational factors to produce powerful information. 


Route Planner

Select from the best low-deadhead and complete routes (origin-to-origin) tailored to your profit goals, equipment, and the number of days you want to be on the road.

Deal Finder

Discover in real-time the best lanes in the market considering their profit potential, how easy is booking the loads in those lanes, and how well connected you will be after you deliver a load to keep hauling profitably.

Market Indicators

Enhance your daily operational decision-making. Discover key information about:
  • Rates and load availability across the US. 
  • See all the lanes and their behavior along the time in the whole country 
  • How many loads are actually being booked by carriers and how many are still available 
  • Chances of booking a load at specific locations. 
  • Probability of load availability in the next 8, 16, and 24 hours. 

Smart Trucking Redefined

We simplify the complex decision of where to haul to just choosing the routes that match your preferences. 
  • The loads you need in one place—no more expensive and time-consuming processes of hunting for loads across different platforms. We have Truckstop loads integrated with the loads of major brokers. You will not need to search for loads anywhere else.
  • Complete routes instead of disjointed lanes. By designing an efficient origin-to-origin route that integrates multiple loads, you know more accurately where you will go, how much you will earn, and when you will return home. 
  • Technology for fast acting. Find the best deals in the market before anybody else. 
  • Make more confident decisions based on the right information. Avoid getting stuck in places with low-profit loads and get rid of excess deadhead miles. 

Use Cases

We understand the diversity in the trucking industry and we have a tailored solution!

CASE 1: Owner-Operators.
We help Owner-Operators to change their game. We find the best lanes and routes in the market that fit their preferences at no extra cost. efRouting is a total FREEDOM: drive where you want and no more than you want! Choose your lanes/routes and book loads by yourself or we can book them for you.

CASE 2: Small Carriers (less than 20 trucks).
If you have a dispatcher already or contracted lanes we complement your routes with loads from the spot market. We help you design a profitable route fitting the loads you have booked already. We work together to maximize your revenue. We charge you just for the loads we book for you. If you want to book the loads by yourself, no worries, our team will assist you in learning how to find the best deals for free.

CASE 3: Dispatchers.
Get access to efRouting Pro and be the most effective dispatcher. We have helped dispatchers increase their income by up to 40% by finding the best opportunities in the market, dispatching more trucks in less time, and increasing driver retention by allowing drivers more time at home without driving more than they want. 

Next Steps

How to sign in?

Step 1. Buy a Truckstop Pro license using this link, https://partners.truckstop.com/e1uio5lo7njh.
Step 3. Select the efRouting and Truckstop bundle option following this link https://www.efrouting.com/pricing. Follow the instructions to log in
Step 2. Send an email to [email protected] to request your ID and be able to integrate both platforms. Once you have received your ID, you have to enter it in our load section in either our Deal Finder or Route Planer. If you need assistance, our team will help you! ([email protected] or +1 (239)- 666-8093)

Take your earnings to the next level with efRouting!

Select the option that best suits your needs and let us help you maximize your profitability easily.

Option 1. Hands-on:
Choose a route/lane suggested in the platform or design your own route using our accurate indicators, and negotiate loads by yourself.

Option 2. Hands-off:
We book the loads for you regardless of whether our team assists you in designing the best routes for you or you design your own., our 

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