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FTM built in the Salesforce cloud.

FTM offers a tailored Transportation Management System (TMS) software solution built in the Salesforce cloud.

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Freight Transportation Manager's (FTM) mission is to deliver a customized transportation management system software. FTM offers a tailored Transportation Management System (TMS) software solution built in the Salesforce cloud. 

The unique FTM software is customer centered and service minded, providing a user configured solution to meet their unique demands. FTM fills a gap in the transportation and logistics industry by delivering fast, easily customized software that is reliable, secure, user friendly and affordable. 

FTM was founded in 2016 with its headquarters in Irvine California. FTM is proud to be operating on 5 continents.


Streamlined Operations

The integration enables seamless communication between FTM and Truckstop, streamlining operations by automating tasks such as load booking, tendering, and tracking. This reduces manual data entry, minimizes errors, and improves overall efficiency.

Improved Visibility

This integration provides real-time visibility into available loads and capacity, allowing carriers, brokers, and shippers to quickly identify matching opportunities.

Enhanced Decision Making

By accessing comprehensive data from both systems, users can make more informed decisions regarding load selection, carrier assignment, routing optimization, and pricing strategies. This leads to better resource utilization and cost management.

Increased Productivity

The integration eliminates the need for redundant tasks and enables users to focus on value-added activities. With automated processes and centralized data management, teams can work more efficiently and handle higher volumes of shipments.

Faster Execution

The FTM-Truckstop integration facilitates faster execution of transportation transactions, such as load matching, booking, and invoicing. This reduces cycle times, accelerates cash flow, and improves customer satisfaction through quicker order fulfillment.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automation of administrative tasks such as document generation, invoicing, and payment processing reduces the administrative burden on logistics teams. This frees up time and resources for strategic initiatives and customer service.

Enhanced Collaboration

The integration fosters collaboration between shippers, carriers, and brokers by providing a common platform for communication and data exchange. This promotes better coordination, transparency, and trust among stakeholders.

Scalability and Flexibility

Integrated systems are more scalable and customizable to accommodate changing business needs and growth. Whether expanding operations, adding new carriers, or entering new markets, the integrated FTM-Truckstop solution can adapt to evolving requirements.

Compliance and Risk Management

This integration can incorporate compliance checks, such as carrier qualifications, insurance verification, and regulatory requirements, into the load booking process. This helps mitigate risks associated with non-compliance and enhances overall supply chain resilience.

Cost Savings

By optimizing operations, improving resource utilization, and reducing manual effort, integration between FTM and Truckstop ultimately leads to cost savings for transportation companies. These savings can result from lower administrative expenses, reduced empty miles, and improved overall efficiency.

Integration Diagrams

Truckstop, a prominent load board, and Freight Transportation Manager (FTM), the leading Transportation Management System (TMS) on Salesforce, have seamlessly integrated. This collaboration allows FTM users to effortlessly post loads and assets directly from Truckstop's load board while also facilitating efficient search capabilities.

This integrated solution is designed to enhance the efficiency of carriers, shippers, and brokers utilizing FTM by saving time and reducing data entry errors. The overall productivity of users across various tasks will see a substantial improvement.

Key benefits of this integration include:

  1. Instant posting of available loads and assets with a simple click.
  2. Effortless searching for suitable loads and assets for trucks and freight.
  3. Seamless conversion of matching freight into load or lane quote records within FTM, all within a unified platform.
  4. Secure updating of load and asset information in real-time as changes occur within FTM.

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