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Let’s Truck is the ultimate resource in the trucking industry helping drivers improve their business and achieve optimal health and wellness.


Our Mission
The driving force of our success is understanding the evolving needs of today’s owner-operators and drivers. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for the challenges they face. 

The Tribe
The Let’s Truck Tribe is a group of people with a mission to do the hard work, continue their education, improve their health and well-being, and achieve success in their business. Tribe members share their knowledge and experiences to inspire one another to learn, grow, and celebrate the journey.  

The Talent
We are driven by the success of our tribe. Our first priority has and always will be to provide you with the knowledge and services that save you money, help you reach optimal health, and keep you safe on the road and at home.

What We Do

AudioRoad Network
A platform for bold, innovative voices to bring their experience and knowledge to audiences everywhere. Kevin Rutherford hosts hit shows like Trucking Business and Beyond, Destination Health, The Power Hour, and more! You can go down the AudioRoad LIVE Monday - Friday at 11am ET.

FuelGauges & ProfitGauges
FuelGauges is our fuel mileage app to keep track of your fuel efficiency. Best of all, it’s completely free! ProfitGauges is our accounting program that is designed specifically for the trucking industry so you can learn and understand how to keep accurate bookkeeping records.

Letstrucktribe.com is the home of HealthyTribe and TruckingTribe, the only two groups on the planet dedicated to helping drivers get outrageously healthy, lose weight, and reach their personal and professional goals to live the life they've always wanted. These tribes provide smart discussions and authentic connection making in an easy-to-navigate forum where our tribe can come together for knowledge and support.

Destination Health
The most important asset in your business is YOU..!! You maintain and improve your truck, now it’s time to maintain and improve your health! Destination Health is our most popular show dedicated to help you understand and reverse the effects of your current diet and lifestyle based on your bio-individual nutritional needs. Tune in every Wednesday at 11am ET. 

Let's Truck Store
You listen to the show, you hear about the products, now it’s time to try them out! We’re always researching for the best products to help you and your business succeed and we’ve made it easy for you to find them! Visit letstruck.com to stock up on everything you need to keep you rolling down the road!