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Neurored TMS & SCM Software

Digitizing Global Transportation and Logistics


Accelerate Your Business with Neurored's TMS & SCM Solutions
The only enterprise logistics software that fits all sizes. Native to the Salesforce AppExchange Platform.

Key Features:

  • Freight Rates Management Software: Streamlines freight management, transforming complexities into a symphony of efficiency.
  • Supply Chain Visibility Solution: Master transport tracking across all modes—sea, air, land, and rail.
  • Transportation & Logistics Optimization Software: Guides businesses through network optimization, redefining dispatch, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

Built on a Robust Platform:

Neurored is built on Salesforce's robust platform and seamlessly integrates with your existing processes. It enhances customer and vendor relationships through:

  • Automated emails
  • Document storage
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Vendor performance tracking
  • Private auction capabilities

Collaboration and Innovation:

We continually collaborate with top logistics technology providers to ensure access to the latest innovative solutions. Additional offerings include:

  • Stevedoring and Warehousing Operations Software
  • Back-Office Operations Automation & AI
  • Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Synchronization Software
  • Supply Chain Collaboration Portals

Your Partner in Modern Logistics:

At Neurored, we champion your journey through modern logistics, serving freight forwarders, logistics providers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and more. With us, you're not just moving goods — you're moving forward.


Native to #1 Enterprise Cloud Platform

Customers get security and stability of Salesforce Business Platform and AWS Cloud

Multimodal TMS Software

The only TMS with full coverage across all transportation modes (Ocean, Air, Land, and Rail)

Robust Systems Integration

Integrate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems to have a unified control tower

Fully Customizable Workflows

The software adapts to your unique process and growing business requirements


Integration Diagrams

Neurored integrates with any and all of the leading systems in the world and helps you:
  • Manage relationships across multiple partners and stakeholders
  • Integrate and communicate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems
  • Leverage pre-integrated, niche technologies from 30+ trusted players in the industry
  • Complement your systems using our diverse and adaptable software offerings

Next Steps

Discovery and Demo

Share your project requirements with us and experience the power of Neurored TMS & SCM firsthand with a personalized demo.

Workshop & Implementation

Our team of experts will guide you through a smooth implementation process, ensuring that Neurored aligns with your business processes.

Training and Support

Receive comprehensive training for your team, along with ongoing support to ensure you maximize the benefits of Neurored TMS & SCM.

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