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Weigh Station Bypass and Toll Management Services

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PrePass is the only provider to offer integrated weigh station bypass, toll payment services and fleet data insights. With one invoice, one device, and one call for support, PrePass provides motor carriers with seamless management for nationwide bypassing and tolling, ultimately saving carriers time, fuel, and money.

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Save time, fuel, and money

With PrePass, pre-cleared vehicles continue at highway speeds without having to stop at weigh stations. This saves time, fuel, and money, and helps create greater efficiencies for shippers and supports improved safety for all highway users.

Most reliable bypass solution

Bypass app and transponder options provide more flexibility and location coverage. PrePass users can select one bypass technology or use them both together.

Integrated toll payment services

Only provider to bundle nationwide electronic toll payment services with weigh station bypass. Services include consolidated billing, toll discounts, disputes, and reconciliation.

Safety and toll analytics

Only bypass service to include safety score and toll data analytics software. INFORM™ helps carriers analyze bypass and toll activity to spot trends, improve safety scores, reduce the risk of toll fraud and more.

Driver mobile ALERTS™

Visual and audible driver alerts include dangerous slowdowns, weather events, work zones, chain up areas, crash ahead, rest areas, truck parking, truck ramp, gusty wind area, steep grade and more.

Made in the U.S.A.

PrePass is the only weigh station bypass and toll management service developed, owned and operated entirely in the United States of America. Customer support is consistently rated at the top of the industry.


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