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ResQ TRX is a 4PL solution provider that assists our 3PL clients to become efficient by maximizing their assets' maximum uptime and having a predictable spend on risk mitigation.


We use processes, automation, software, and AI to augment their service department. We provide an end-to-end solution so they can repurpose their capital towards other 3PL activities but still has high safety standards and mitigate downtime risks. 


In addition, we offer short-term financing for expenses related to our service to support our client's cash flow. 


One of our competitive advantages is our network and our channel partners. 

We have partnered with industry-leading software and hardware companies that are taking the Transportation industry to the next level.

ResQ TRX reduces delays in the supply chain by connecting logistics companies and repair services to minimize unplanned downtime, increasing transparency and simplifying the repair, coordination, and payment process.

Just pass on our (1-833 ResQ TRX) number below to your drivers. 

For enterprise accounts, reach us at [email protected] and let us show you how we can help you not only streamline repair and help with cash flow but also get many partner discounts and other savings.   

Call us now at 1(833) ResQ TRX or email us at [email protected]